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MacCampBoston Registration


To register, edit this page using this format... placing your info at the bottom of the list.


The secret code for editing this page is woz2008


Name, email, org, subject


Yes I'm coming


  1. Jack Hodgson, jack .at. da4 dot com, representing self, Apple/Mac tools for twitter
  2. Mike Walsh, TheMikeWalsh .at. gmail, representiing myself, I'd like to see Dan Grover's "Developing on the Iphone" presentation
  3. Rod Begbie, rod@arsecandle.org, Session for sharing Quicksilver tricks + tips
  4. Dan Grover, dan at dangrover dot com, Mac & iPhone developer, http://www.wonderwarp.com
  5. Joshua Benton, jbenton at toast dot net, representing myself
  6. Nick Haddad, nick at haddads dot net, representing myself (day job), video & audio stuff, Quicktime, QTKit, Accessibility APIs for window manipulation
  7. Julia West, gmail:juliamae
  8. Jeff Dlouhy, jeff.dlouhy at gmail dot com, northeastern uni/camino browser, Leopard & ObjC 2.0.
  9. Jeff Cutler, jeff at jeffcutler dot com, representing self - a freelance writer currently enjoying a one-year writing sabbatical, been using a Mac since 86 but don't delve into terminal and just want to learn new tricks
  10. Jeff Berg, jeffATpurplesharkDOTcom, representing self--freelance Mac consultant & troubleshooter, willing to present on personal backup solutions and light-duty automation
  11. Paul Free, paulfree1ATverizonDOTnet, representing myself, new to Mac
  12. Josh Moody, shmoody(at)gmail(dot)com, NickConsone.com, mac user, has projector
  13. Steve Rossi, steverossi at gmail dot com, mac user
  14. Steve Garfield, http://stevegarfield.com
  15. Scott Myles, scott at scottmyles dot com, mac user
  16. Jon Pierce, jonpierce (at) gmail, http://betahouse.org / http://virosity.com
  17. Barbara Mende, barbara@moosehill.com, mac user
  18. Clyde Sommers, TechAnswers, ACN
  19. Gary Harding, garrett .at. garrettharding.com, representing self; Director, BMAC; basic web page development, digital photography, podcasting (www.patriotcast.com), Windows on Mac (bootcamp)
  20. Patti Andersen, pandersen1964@gmail.com, MAC user
  21. David W. Jameson, djameson@nejm.org, mac user and support tech
  22. Maggie McFee, maggie.mcfee at gmail dot com, head of IT at Harvard Physics and video nerd. Can talk on Macs in enterprise, video prod. and AVCHD. (I will be the event's network wrangler and providing the gear and setup for that.
  23. David Fisher, dave (a) Jazkarta d8t C0m, Jazkarta and other side projects. Audio expert :)
  24. Tracy Heather Strain, thstrain - gmail, wants to learn Quicksilver, has projector
  25. Ted Vahey, ted dot vahey at allsystems dot com, All Systems Integration, networking, storage, Mac Maintenance (OS 7 - 10.4), Windows connectivity, have projector
  26. ilene hoffman, ileneh at comcast dot net, MacNN Reviews Editor/Mac Consultant, i have swag to donate. Able to present on writing for the Web.
  27. Sarah Redman, sarah at sarahr dot net, Web Developer at MIT (representing self), Web Development & Media; Digital Photography (will be assisting with networking).
  28. Albert Willis, alwillisATmacDOTcom, representing self, Director, BMac and Boston PDA users groups. Able to present on Macs in higher education, security, GTD, etc.
  29. Juliet DeVries, juliet(at)audisseyguides(dot)com, Audissey Guides, interested in meeting mac and creative audio experts
  30. Rob Pyles, rob(at)audisseyguides(dot)com, Audissey Guides
  31. Muthu Arumugam, muthu16 (at) gmail (dot) com, interested in meeting other Mac & iPhone developers in town
  32. Paul Artz, paulartz (at) mac (dot) com hopes to be there "obsessing about NeXT since the late 80's"
  33. Richard M Abaid RichardA53dot aol.com interested in meeting other "classic" mac consultants
  34. John Malloy johnmalloy at comcast Mac support
  35. Sanjay Borra sanjay_borra at yahoo dot com, MAC User,amateur photographer
  36. Adam Weiss - email - Podcast Consultant - podcasting, audio, photography, new and interesting apps
  37. Michael "Dowbrigade" Feldman - dowbrigade at gmail
  38. Simon Walter-Hansen and Miguel Danielson, MacJams.com
  39. Joseph Rodriguez - joerodriguez at gmail - self - new mac user
  40. Andrew Kimpton, awk AT awkward DOT org - iOnTV, Handbrake, Video stuff, representing myself - but, I have a 'day job' too.
  41. Bill Gerber, bill_gerber {a t} bostonbbs.org, org: retired, subject: TBD
  42. Eric Tung, koikoi at gmail, representing self (but I have a 'day job' too), has projector
  43. Steve Witham http://www.tiac.net/~sw Mac user since 1984, Mac Helpy Helperton
  44. Uncle Foobar unclefoobar@gmail representing Evil Overlords of Quicken and beyond. First Mac 1986. vaguely know Leopard.
  45. Jason Levin, XL, AA|RF
  46. Bill Wendel, RealEstateCafe.blogs.com
  47. Daniel Jalkut, Red Sweater Software, in the afternoon


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