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Logistic Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 3 months ago

Notes about the state of logistics for MacCampBoston #1




  • Maggie McFee will be our Network wrangler. She has located most of the equipment we need. Although the anticipated outside ISP support fell through, Maggie has found an alternative and things seem set on this front. She will be assisted on Sat by her friend, and Mac person, Sarah Redman




  • We have commitments on three projectors:
  • Josh Moody, Ted Vahey, and Tracy Heather Strain.
  • Two of them can't stay the whole day so we will hold their projector until they can retrieve them.
  • Jack will be borrowing 4 security cables to safe the projectors (I'm assuming here that projectors have the fitting for such a cable. ????? )




  • Jeff Berg has a screen. 38" x 38" projection surface, 72" tall.
  • We could use a couple more screens, or we can rough-it (it is "camp" after all), and project on a handy wall.




  • Jack will be looking into this
  •  Jack will definitely be getting paper and markers for the schedule wall.
  • It's probably too late to create any sort of larger title banner for the event. Anyone have any ideas?




  • I haven't given up on providing at least coffee and donuts in the morning. Pizza and softdrinks for lunch would be good too. But sponsorship is needed for this.
  • OK, I've just about given up on this. Especially given the relatively low reg count. This is a good thing to hope for in MCB#2




  • Jack and Mike Walsh are working on this.


Add your own notes here, or send them to Jack: jack at da4 dot com


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